Act Like A Lady And Think Like A Man Response

My man Steve Harvey went on the Oprah show and all the black Chic’s out there bought his book to learn how to Act Like A Lady And Think Like A Man. Initially I got some slack from the homeboys about this book saying that there women will probably start to act up and be even more of a headache. Some guys talk about how Harvey says to not give up no ass for 90 days. I do understand that on both sides. I know a chick that said the book states that if a guy is not getting it from you he is getting it elsewhere. So there is a push and pull going on there. I can not say i agree or disagree with some of these things but I do know that a guy with options is not going to stick around to long without busting a nut. So ladies, if you like the guy give up that ass when you feel like you are ready, not according to some book.

Love Systems on the Tyra Banks Show

Check out Savoy and Braddock on the Tyra Banks show.

Look at the girls faces in the audience. It is sickening. Women hate the fact that some men take their social lives. Women sit and read Cosmo, Glamour, Essence, Allure, Marie Claire and countless other magazines I see in women’s homes. All these magazines have hundreds of articles on how to seduce a man. Women read all those romance novels, the Steve Harvey books, the Five Love Languages, Men are from Mars and Women Are from Venues and countless other Videos from Oprah, and YouTube personalities like Tanya Tko, Montana Deleon, Glozell, Abiola, Shanel Cooper and Shay just to name a few, radio shows, and books to educate themselves on social relationships but when men try to educate themselves on this stuff they get offended.

3-6 million US black women can’t find a husband or boyfriend

Watch this video, they talk about there being a shortage of men. That’s not true. These women are single because they have personality flaws. They talk about white women being married, can it be because white women are humble? and black women insult black men by saying that they are refusing to settle. How about them asking why would black men settle for them with all of their issues? How about the chic hoping a white man would ask her for her number? These chic’s has a list of 50 things, wow. Look at how they react to Steve Harvey while he is trying to give them advice.