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Pantyhose Slutty Sammi Opens Wide And Masturbates
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Juliet Ibrahim, African Actress from Ghana

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Act Like A Lady And Think Like A Man Response

My man Steve Harvey went on the Oprah show and all the black Chic’s out there bought his book to learn how to Act Like A Lady And Think Like A Man. Initially I got some slack from the homeboys about this book saying that there women will probably start to act up and be even more of a headache. Some guys talk about how Harvey says to not give up no ass for 90 days. I do understand that on both sides. I know a chick that said the book states that if a guy is not getting it from you he is getting it elsewhere. So there is a push and pull going on there. I can not say i agree or disagree with some of these things but I do know that a guy with options is not going to stick around to long without busting a nut. So ladies, if you like the guy give up that ass when you feel like you are ready, not according to some book.