How To Date Women If Your Broke
Not having money should not be an issue when dating women. Both men and women put up this false idea that dating and money go hand in hand. Women do use money and status as a means of choosing their men but that is not the only criteria that they operate by.

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How Women Destroy Men

Check out this video on the subject of how women destroy men. This is a must see for all men in America. Women have an agenda when dealing with men. Women love a challenge and will work as hard as they have to in order to win. The challenge that women love is to break a man. A woman will build you up just to break you down. When women back stab men the unlucky guy never see’s it coming most of the time.

Body Language, Music Video From Sabrina Cuie

In the body language music video, Sabrina Cuie breaks done the intricacies of body language and how men and women behave with each other. She explains the body language signs in a song. That is cool.

Here is a quote from Sabrina: “94% of the moves you make is enough to communicate all the things you won’t say.” This is a light hearted video describing how gestures can attract the opposite sex.

– Sabrina Cuie


Dating Advice For Men

Everyday both men and women search for dating advice.

So you ask your what exactly is the best dating advice for men? Well, the best seduction advice is here. We will be straight forward with our advice. Sometimes the truth hurts but that is how you grow and develop. Once you grow and learn how to meet women, you can get laid. Dating Advice for Men