High Heels Big Booty Work Out










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  • right ok i just did like 30 in my heels, my heels r hella high though like 6 inches, am proud of meself!! haha… can i just ask ya why its better for the ladies to do it in heels ??

    xTeaCupzx 1 month ago
  • @xTeaCupzx Because it goes strait to you hamstrings…your ass and calves…that’s just the ones I’m going to mention…

    darness1234 1 month ago

High Heelz Workout Latina Big Butt Chick








This is great. Watch as this personal trainer guy has this big booty spanish chick do squats in high heels. From what I understand this dude is a great personal trainer that gets results for these chunky chicks. I like what he is doing here with this big butt chick. Enjoy.

How Women Destroy Men

Check out this video on the subject of how women destroy men. This is a must see for all men in America. Women have an agenda when dealing with men. Women love a challenge and will work as hard as they have to in order to win. The challenge that women love is to break a man. A woman will build you up just to break you down. When women back stab men the unlucky guy never see’s it coming most of the time.