How Women Destroy Men

Check out this video on the subject of how women destroy men. This is a must see for all men in America. Women have an agenda when dealing with men. Women love a challenge and will work as hard as they have to in order to win. The challenge that women love is to break a man. A woman will build you up just to break you down. When women back stab men the unlucky guy never see’s it coming most of the time.


This lil bitch got a lot of energy.








Check out her comments.

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  • wow

    LILFLAVA100 1 day ago
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  • got daaam that all i can say

    dann4837 1 day ago
  • dat bitch on dat yayo or sum pills

    BelowHeadshaver974 4 days ago
  • omgfg


    OSOCRAZY18 5 days ago

How to cheat on your girl














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  • Show em how to do it son.

    datingwomensex 10 minutes ago
  • women don’t even talk this much.

    McdonaldSpecial 24 minutes ago

    MzTwEeT1989 53 minutes ago
  • 755 people simply disliked the fucking video.

    ThatGuyFern 58 minutes ago
  • Comment removed
    danewceo 3 hours ago
  • Lol kelz770

    I bet you have a preschool education

    Lol “their”

    dsemiraro 4 hours ago

Dealing With A Woman With A Boyfriend

You received a message from gekkoca

Saw one of your videos,you know what your doing.How can a guy get a woman who has a boyfriend..She knows I like her yet she invited me to her cottage with her boyfriend of 5 yrs that she never talks about.How do I seduce her if I don’t have time alone or little.

Because I know you are damn good

OK gekkoca,

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