How to cheat on your girl


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14 Signs Of A Disrespectful Girlfriend

14 Signs Of A Disrespectful Girlfriend A disrespectful woman is not a lady. You have to deal with a disrespectful girlfriend with a stern authority. This is something that most guys have to deal with. A lot of people say it is just a woman’s way of testing you out. I think that they are cold deceiving and concentrating creatures. You have to nip it in the bud. In other words stop that disrespectful behavior right away.

Girlfriend With Guy Friends Pt 1

Girlfriend With Guy Friends Pt 1 Beware of girlfriends with male friends. This is a recipe for disaster. These vultures hang around your girlfriend to use her for what ever they can get while she keeps them around for the same reason. Guy, I am telling you after a while your girlfriend will give her guy friend a piece of action for being so dedicated to her. Remember, your girlfriend will rationalize that this guy friend is very good to her because he is willing to do a lot of stuff that you do not do with her.

5 Tips On The Best Sex Scenarios

5 Tips On The Best Sex Scenarios The best sex scenarios are those that you set up. A woman wants to be seduced, that is her fantasy. In order to seduce a woman you have to be sure of the outcome. Women want to date real men who can help them live their fantasies. You have to be sure that you are going to have sex with her when you see her. She also wants to have sex but will seldom admit that in fear of being seen as a loose woman or a slut.

When She Does Not Call You Back

When She Does Not Call You Back

There is usually a no good reason why chicks do not call you back.

It is important that you do know what to do when she does not call you. Women play many games; you have to know how to react when she does not call. They are always trying to see where you are at in reference to wanting them. Women push and pull. Girls do this stuff naturally. They are the master players, naturals if you understand me. Women usually wait for you to call them, most of the time she never calls. If a woman really wants you, she will call you right away, in spite of her family upbringing and influence from friends not to call a guy. If they want you, they will call you all the time.