How to get yourself laid – a 10 step guide – Reviewed

The following was written by what looks like to be a girl on a random craigslist post. Her advice is spot on. Lets take a look into it;

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How to get yourself laid – a 10 step guide

Date: 2005-04-30, 10:12AM PDT

Ok boys so this is kinda a semi rant, but seriously, if you guys out there would follow these seemingly obvious pieces of advice, you’d help yourself a lot. It amazes me to no to end how moronic guys are when trying to score with women. I’m putting these tips out there for the greater good…so we don’t have to put up with you, and you have a better chance. Good luck…

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  • Nah that Marcy, her name is Crystal Bottoms and she needs to put more vid’s for sure.

    chatege75 6 days ago