Act Like A Lady And Think Like A Man Response

My man Steve Harvey went on the Oprah show and all the black Chic’s out there bought his book to learn how to Act Like A Lady And Think Like A Man. Initially I got some slack from the homeboys about this book saying that there women will probably start to act up and be even more of a headache. Some guys talk about how Harvey says to not give up no ass for 90 days. I do understand that on both sides. I know a chick that said the book states that if a guy is not getting it from you he is getting it elsewhere. So there is a push and pull going on there. I can not say i agree or disagree with some of these things but I do know that a guy with options is not going to stick around to long without busting a nut. So ladies, if you like the guy give up that ass when you feel like you are ready, not according to some book.

‪How Not To Pick Up Women at the Bar‬‏ – YouTube

Dominic interviews a bunch of chics at a bar on how not to pick up women at bars. These type of videos are always funny because women always tell you they want some kind of nice guy to approach them. You can watch these types of videos where women tell you how to approach them strictly for entertainment because they never respond to these nice guys. Women tell you what society tells them that they should want in a guy. The reality is that they do not go home with the nice guy.