How Women Destroy Men

Check out this video on the subject of how women destroy men. This is a must see for all men in America. Women have an agenda when dealing with men. Women love a challenge and will work as hard as they have to in order to win. The challenge that women love is to break a man. A woman will build you up just to break you down. When women back stab men the unlucky guy never see’s it coming most of the time.

Dealing With A Woman With A Boyfriend

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Saw one of your videos,you know what your doing.How can a guy get a woman who has a boyfriend..She knows I like her yet she invited me to her cottage with her boyfriend of 5 yrs that she never talks about.How do I seduce her if I don’t have time alone or little.

Because I know you are damn good

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Approach Women, What Nice Guys Do Wrong!

In this video this chick talk about how a guy can approach a woman. Shay makes some great point on dating women. She talks about how nice guys tend to be overly available to a woman. Shay talks about how nice guys tend to agree or change their views on things in order to please women. The bottom line is a man has to be a leader and have a back bone with out being apologetic about it.