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How to get yourself laid – a 10 step guide – Reviewed

The following was written by what looks like to be a girl on a random craigslist post. Her advice is spot on. Lets take a look into it;

How to get yourself laid – a 10 step guide

Date: 2005-04-30, 10:12AM PDT

Ok boys so this is kinda a semi rant, but seriously, if you guys out there would follow these seemingly obvious pieces of advice, you’d help yourself a lot. It amazes me to no to end how moronic guys are when trying to score with women. I’m putting these tips out there for the greater good…so we don’t have to put up with you, and you have a better chance. Good luck…


Alexis Taylor give raw advice to these airheads. She says that this chick has a cum buddy and not a boyfriend. Stupid chick says that her so called mans phone was not ringing of the hook. So she thought he was not cheating. She says that this bitch gave up the pussy for a drink or she gives it up for a dinner. She says she is not going to let a man use up her pussy for a drink and dinner. This ignorant bitch on the line says she felt rejected because the guy cut her of first instead of her cutting him of first as if it matters. Alexis says bitches think they got a chance because the guy invites you to the house. She tells the girl that the guy invites her over just to get fucked and sucked once or twice a week.  Alexis says this chick was addicted to this guys dick hitting her pussy corners and walls. Alexis says this dude must of had so fly as head and handed this bitch pussy with his tongue and made a trick of her body and got this bitch confussed. Now this chick is chasing and stalking this guy, due to the dick and tongue work.

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