Act Like A Lady And Think Like A Man Response

My man Steve Harvey went on the Oprah show and all the black Chic’s out there bought his book to learn how to Act Like A Lady And Think Like A Man. Initially I got some slack from the homeboys about this book saying that there women will probably start to act up and be even more of a headache. Some guys talk about how Harvey says to not give up no ass for 90 days. I do understand that on both sides. I know a chick that said the book states that if a guy is not getting it from you he is getting it elsewhere. So there is a push and pull going on there. I can not say i agree or disagree with some of these things but I do know that a guy with options is not going to stick around to long without busting a nut. So ladies, if you like the guy give up that ass when you feel like you are ready, not according to some book.

Absolutely Amber ASS SHAKING “Work”

This chick has got a big ass and personality to match.









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  • so hot

    icecreamsex12 1 hour ago
  • nasty droopy bald headed bitch wearin a wig with a blubbery ass illlllllllllllllll this nigga bitch is hella nastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    bombness420 20 hours ago


Alexis Taylor give raw advice to these airheads. She says that this chick has a cum buddy and not a boyfriend. Stupid chick says that her so called mans phone was not ringing of the hook. So she thought he was not cheating. She says that this bitch gave up the pussy for a drink or she gives it up for a dinner. She says she is not going to let a man use up her pussy for a drink and dinner. This ignorant bitch on the line says she felt rejected because the guy cut her of first instead of her cutting him of first as if it matters. Alexis says bitches think they got a chance because the guy invites you to the house. She tells the girl that the guy invites her over just to get fucked and sucked once or twice a week.  Alexis says this chick was addicted to this guys dick hitting her pussy corners and walls. Alexis says this dude must of had so fly as head and handed this bitch pussy with his tongue and made a trick of her body and got this bitch confussed. Now this chick is chasing and stalking this guy, due to the dick and tongue work.