Women Using Men on Sugar Daddy Websites

The whole sugar daddy thing is nothing new. Dating for women has and always will be about money. When a guy takes a woman out she feels that all the free stuff she is getting is her right because the guy is anticipated possible sex. Ask any women does she think people should go dutch on date and they will say no. If you press a woman about it she will say a guy should pay for the date because he want sex. Wow that’s crazy. Its especially crazy that women knowingly take money from men and only give a few of them sex. If a woman thinks its her right to get free dates because of expected sex, than is that a form of prostitution.


Alexyss k Tylor is funny as fuck but this woman does know what she is talking about. Here she is interviewing a handicap guy who has a dick implant that claims that he can fuck all night because he does not feel it. I love this country bitches accent. Watch this bitch as she interviews this hadicap dude. You can tell she is feeling him and they probably got it on after the interview. Guys, remember, that bitches will like dudes for the most awkward reasons, so dont sweat a bitch because she will probably fuck with a guy less than you.