Shorty Lo All My Babies Mamas New Show On Oxygen Network

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All My Babies Mamas Is The New Show By Shorty Lo

Shorty Lo All My Babies Mamas New Show On Oxygen NetworkRapper Shorty Lo stars in a new reality show on the Oxygen network called All My Babies Mamas. In this show you will get to see the Shorty Lo family interact with each other.


All My Babies Mamas, Baby Mamas

Shorty Lo and All My Babies Mamas is Sure To Entertain

Shorty Lo, keeps all his women in check. In the show you can watch and see how they all behave and respect Short Lo. Now you need to watch and learn from this guy. Most guys cant even control one girl and here it is Shorty Lo has all of the under control. All My Babies Mamas will not only entertain but it will educate all the young players coming up how to deal with a woman.

Will All My Babies Mamas Be Shorty Lo’s Best Work

With the success of Love and Hip Hop, The Bad Girls Club, Real Housewives of Atlanta and of course the one that started it all, Flavor of Love, Short Lo All My Babies Mamas has a really good chance to succeed, teach and definitely entertain.

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