Montana Deleon Preaching No Fornication

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I am not trying to hate on her but this chick has been in numerous relationships with different baby daddys and always gets on this high horse like she is miss goody two shoes. Ive seen chicks like this before that go from good girl to bad girl in season. I really think that she is being sincere right now as far as not having sex but she will meet some new guy tomorrow and have sex with him the same day and the sucker that has been hanging around all this time during no sex will get left hanging. She talks about history of her relationships not working out, well history shows that she will get with yet another new guy. She talk about church and god and has her titties and ass all over the internet. That is just my opinion. I wish her luck. Check out this video and notice how she still has cleavage showing. This chick is crazy.






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