How to cheat on your girl

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  • Show em how to do it son.

    datingwomensex 10 minutes ago
  • women don’t even talk this much.

    McdonaldSpecial 24 minutes ago

    MzTwEeT1989 53 minutes ago
  • 755 people simply disliked the fucking video.

    ThatGuyFern 58 minutes ago
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    danewceo 3 hours ago
  • Lol kelz770

    I bet you have a preschool education

    Lol “their”

    dsemiraro 4 hours ago
  • @blahblahblahman that sux!!! I hope my boyfriend wont feel that way

    Jamaicanchick88 6 hours ago
  • You are the fuckin Man!!!

    jquest45 7 hours ago
  • @4:50 where the other fuc your braclet at? CORRECTION where the fuck you other breclet at lmao


    RobGotStaxx 7 hours ago
  • OMG this is all so true, it’s worth solid gold! “If you don’t want your tires slashed, if you don’t want your windows busted out, you gotta make sure you do things RIGHT.”

    PerfectCellX 9 hours ago
  • “the most painful thing you could ever do to a man is f*ing talk” LMFAO!!

    25slaps8hos 10 hours ago
  • lmao “nah i cant hang out witchu i gotta do my stamps”

    kobefan24ist 22 hours ago
  • 747 guys got caught.

  • Cheat Check list….ROTFL


    MADEBITCH365 1 day ago
  • sounds like you know what you’re talking about…hmm…lol


    nsync9005 1 day ago
  • Realest Shiit…..

    mck4real 1 day ago
  • no baby this is your hair <3 LMAO


    mpsogroovy 1 day ago
  • I wonder if he likes it if his girl would cheat on him… prolly he go crazy mad and stab her lol…

    FinishedU 1 day ago
  • Lol When He Said “He Like To Know That He Still Got It” He Had Me Dying ! Lmfao

    iiRapedCookie 1 day ago
  • Lmao , Yeen Leaving Til U Find That other Bracelet !

    MsMichaeljlover 1 day ago
  • “End Scene” Hilarious!!

    illlllum 1 day ago
  • ‘You Hear This Nigga Talking About This Shit on The Internet?’ OMG He is FUNNY AS FUCK!

    TheNICOLDN 1 day ago
  • mane you hear this nigga talking about this on the computer mane?!

    ToasteeTawks 1 day ago
  • Bitch You Came In With 2 Bracelets where The Other Fucking One At. You Aint Leaving Till You find It.

    dezy198 1 day ago
  • lmao i love him, smh to all the girls taking this iish super serious… lmao at the dudes who go caught

    bgingerb 1 day ago
  • LMAO!!!

    measchueax 1 day ago

    measchueax 1 day ago

    deleoa471 2 days ago
  • Aww jerry man yhu fuckn uph my relationship man stfu man.i love my girl lol.caught ma nigga last week.thnx jerry 🙂

    Cooki3Mae 2 days ago
  • Im Not Like That, Im Not Like Other Niggas…And Scene!

    naakaykay 2 days ago
  • Lool atleast he knows he cant win a conversation with a woman.

    5starchickEve 2 days ago
  • lol. who cut this nigga hair

    PierreOnTheTrackTV 2 days ago
  • jus the way he talks making me laughhhh


    ReahBarbadian4Lyfe 2 days ago
  • 738 girls got cheated on

    enriquelo1991 2 days ago 4 
  • ” Annd scene . ” Hahahahah <3

    lovesbreezy14 2 days ago
  • lol, stamps

    mayarirh 2 days ago
  • hahah you can change his dapper as baby . but you can’t change as a man hahahaha!

    Cameronhaswagg 2 days ago
  • Lmao Stay in your same haircolor Cadagory Dont get adventuras and go for a red head

    jissy1star 3 days ago
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    JamelMont 3 days ago
  • Lmfao!!! Wow Jerry that sounds like a lot of work…. Is it really worth it?…. Why not just be single to do who and what you want when you want… PS, You’re freaking Awesome…..

    SoUNeekable 3 days ago
  • You look like a young ass Ice Cube lmao

    trumusichead 3 days ago
  • I love Jerry LaVigne Jr. I think I’m one of the many girls that do like Jerry. 🙂

    RoxyIsabella 3 days ago 2 
  • Idk why all you girls are pissed. He told you how catch us cause you know we’re too lazy to clean up shit.

    joninasa 3 days ago
  • I love his backing tracks

    GeeMrBee 3 days ago
  • you talk waaaay too much… youre lucky you cute tho lol

    noreen626 3 days ago
  • u a ugly ass nigga\


  • so us beautiful women should get ugly men then, so we know for sure they ain’t cheating …

    Leah1987ful 3 days ago
  • lmbo you are to funny!!!

    Leah1987ful 3 days ago
  • omfqee u look dead on ma bruder … omqee tlk like em look like em n act like em lol thiss scarin mee lol n now u tellin meeh howda knoww when a nigga cheatin! :DDD haa thanks sweetneesss… n i can tell u b datin mexicans n white qirls by tha way u make they voice sound nd u said blond ahahah smfh!

    jollyrancher1314 3 days ago
  • So legit. Love it

    kash281 3 days ago
  • “Bitch Don’t Scratch Me!” Lmao

    MylanAmaru 3 days ago
  • 734 DISLIKES


    kelz770 3 days ago 25 
  • 734 people don’t have a sense of humor.


    JacobHouston143 3 days ago
  • This shit’s suppose to be funny. Don’t take it so seriously…Damn.

    SnapszDuhh 3 days ago
  • Idiot, I would really like, to see the girl this guy is with.

    TheLosco86 3 days ago
  • Have you ever had a serious relationship before??

    jerkinking022 3 days ago
  • you aint leavin til u find that otha fuckn bracelet! lmaoo

    djennings219 3 days ago
  • Lol Hellz Yea Dis Shit Tru

    tacy10 3 days ago
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    atknightatk 3 days ago
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    atknightatk 3 days ago
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    LIL31000 4 days ago
  • Uhhh I Think You Leaving Somethin’ ……UHHHH TAKE YOUR JACKET lmfaoo !

    tokibop14 4 days ago 2 
  • I wonder what your future girl will say about this..

    mkbaby321 4 days ago 3 

    stefshunny21 4 days ago 6 
  • OH DAMN, the true reason of make up 0_o

    solosoloblackdude 4 days ago
  • u had 2 fuckng bracelets on

    lilmamasofly3 4 days ago
  • He to dam serious and he look like a young ice t lol

    IProtein09 4 days ago
  • SMFH this is just soooooo bad no sir just no

    reaverx 4 days ago
  • Lmao. Shits funny! Not worried one bit about my man, got that boy hooookkkedd(; I know it haha!

    ySilva94 4 days ago
  • ONE day before my birthday, THANK YOU! XD

    CDGMuzik 4 days ago
  • Looks like you got a real bad sunburn.

    Veeistheillest 4 days ago
  • My equation is easy as fuck. Ok dis is some crazy shit, BECOME MOORMAN, , MOORMAN= MULTIPLE BITCHES. LMS

    dvdlpscmb7 4 days ago
  • Why are you guys so serious for? Seriously, just take the dick out your ass and shut up already. Just listen to whatever your dick says and you will be successful.

    VVBlastFuryVV 4 days ago
  • you dont care cuz you gay motha fucka!

    iwishiwasniall 5 days ago
  • “we aint leavin til yu find that otha fuckin braclet!” ROFL!!!!

    kaykaybear227 5 days ago
  • I love this dude ♥

    veroXo93 5 days ago
  • fucking jerry, i got caught by my girl she watched this! fuck!

    takemasterx 5 days ago
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    jscottssf1 5 days ago
  • And yes imma chick

    LoveUohpasttense 5 days ago
  • Sexiiee dude sad ya cant mess with him he’ll use he’s own tips…..

    LoveUohpasttense 5 days ago
  • *end scene* lmaoo

    jaronswife 5 days ago
  • How ironic! Lol, he’s explaining how to cheat, but it’s as if he’s giving the things to look out for. Thanks Jerry! Lol. He’s funny though..

    TheCallMEStorm 5 days ago
  • 5:356:35 hahah

    Lovelylizzz13 5 days ago
  • this nigga knows whats good

    Abounassar 5 days ago
  • fucking hilarious

    TheNightfaction 5 days ago
  • 726 girls got cheated on

    jessiepimpfood 5 days ago
  • “aint no cheater man” LMFAOO

    EMarcusJ 5 days ago
  • tiger woods take notes


    alldizze 5 days ago
  • Ohh shit what the fuck is he about to talk about!!!?(:

    WizKhalifaBitch6969 5 days ago

    pausemental 5 days ago
  • No you the cheater xD

    darlingpaigee 5 days ago
  • This guy has problems

    ShoeDocter3000 5 days ago
  • Hilarious !!!

    BossBitch230 5 days ago
  • im a girl but the checklist was hilarious


    XDfirsttwilightfan 5 days ago
  • LOL, “makin my girl thinkin im cheatin on her, you cant do tha mannggg”

    Mi3NKiD916 5 days ago
  • I really like 3:183:20! Best part of this video lol

    Thanks Jerry for filling us in- this is the second best thing to “He’s Just not that Into You”

    4zionandtheremnant 6 days ago
  • … idnt talk after that i dip.. theres no point in beinq with someone if they cheat i wud rather him leave mi the fuck alone 🙂


    pielcanela10466 6 days ago
  • think with your head not with your head.

    JoeAVERAGE93 6 days ago
  • you will never have girl be faithful to yo ass if she watches this.

    luvmykynxx 6 days ago
  • LMAO too much work for some men theyd rather just masturbate to porn.

    LeaveJordanAlone 6 days ago 42 
  • love it lmao

    kayla37456 6 days ago
  • great tips!


    osgangstarrr 6 days ago
  • CORRECTION: Any guy or girl who cheats isn’t yet a man/woman, he is still a boy/girl

    LegalEagle000 6 days ago
  • this is bullshit


    purpledinosaurus7 6 days ago
  • I think I’m getting cheated on. . . but I like this video. . .

    Dannie0910 6 days ago
  • Comment removed
    Dannie0910 6 days ago
  • AND SCENE! 😀

    MashHerTatoes 6 days ago
  • Vice versa with a doode. Hahahaha.

    The worst thing a doode can do is TALK! Hahahaha.

    MashHerTatoes 6 days ago
  • This shit funny as hell

    mzrob1993 6 days ago
  • 722 females got cheated on…..

    jbragg85 6 days ago
  • Hey girls, another good way to get a cheater caught: USE TONS OF GLITTER! They can never get rid of ALL of the glitter:P


    Meganvxc 6 days ago
  • Do you know my Youtube channel?…. ✔ Perfect!

    heffleyman 6 days ago
  • HA! My hair is growing straight out of my skull, looks straight, but when you wet it, it curls up. Also, it is long, down to my ass, so good luck trying to find my duplicate, mothafucka!!!! lol


    Meganvxc 6 days ago
  • Lmaoooooo the end with the “thug” voice killed me!

    KrpTniteMusic 6 days ago
  • Comment removed
    mariamz1234 6 days ago
  • bullshit I win arguments with ladies all the time and I win them without thinking with my rock

    seth5220 6 days ago
  • lmfao… the tags

    “just listen to whatever your dick says and you will be successful”

    FLIPNAM 6 days ago
  • 717 people got caught cheating

    cappinmatt 6 days ago
  • i hear ya bra thanks for putting this up lmao.. lol….

    MrSpencer16 1 week ago
  • Naw you cheatin on me!


    My0wnB0ss 1 week ago 2 
  • Just listen to whatever your dick says and you will be successful.

    arbenferandez 1 week ago 50 
  • @arbenferandez i think you stole that line from the book “A rapists guide” hahahahahaahah

    KnightArkham 6 days ago
  • @KnightArkham hahaha! It’s from the tags. You always gotta look at his tags. Their HILARIOUS!

    arbenferandez 6 days ago
  • @arbenferandez hahaha i know it was hilarious

    KnightArkham 6 days ago
  • @arbenferandez

    The Bill Clinton method. Nice.

    Obioma1 4 days ago
  • i dont agree with alot of this stuff but then again i have eight brothers n they say its true smh

    missheath1000 1 week ago 3 
  • lmfaooo hahahaha but some of that is BEYOND true hahaha smh they still messy tho lls

    beautieeo8 1 week ago
  • Hahahahaaaa i love this.. Coming from a girl!

    biigego88 1 week ago
  • the video tags HAHA

    OfficialCillaCasey 1 week ago
  • did he died?

    ROBOOT103 1 week ago
  • agree with everything she says. if you have an argument that means you gonna have a conversation. and you can’t win a conversation with a girl. ever.


    246947 1 week ago
  • he looks like bow wow in this video.

    NahidIzZy 1 week ago

    curtizhub 1 week ago
  • LMAO at the video tags!

    johnkeem103 1 week ago
  • @JerryLaVigneJr What if the girl you are cheating with dyes her hair? Then what?? LOL!

    T118J 1 week ago
  • 6:31 lol

  • lmaooo at the reason girls makeup wearing and accessory having….. is to leave evidence lmao

    PunkDollHouse666 1 week ago
  • “Where the other fuck yo bracelet at?” Um can we get proper language?! lmao

    brandistakinovadpu 1 week ago
  • lollzzz, thas my nigga son lolz.. gotta take off tha pussy juice off o’ ya lollz

    louloupotter1 1 week ago
  • You got dsl

    chatterbox562 1 week ago
  • daaaaaaayuuuuuummmmm

    soapman55 1 week ago
  • I Bet Have These Boys Watchin This Is Trying To Find Out How To Cheat On Their Girl ! Lol :))

    Latifah310 1 week ago 3 
  • lmaooo at the background music

    Get2KnowMiii 1 week ago 3 
  • one ur dumb two funny three u spill beans? dumb ass


    nikispecial420z 1 week ago
  • @nikispecial420z 4 you need to lighten up. It’s only a joke..

    ShanePatreceRobin 1 week ago
  • fukin asshole


    nikispecial420z 1 week ago
  • lol this music is hilarious

    ralphiealfie 1 week ago
  • Any female that takes this video serious is clearly a game-goofy loser!!! LMFAO

    Noshortcake 1 week ago
  • that’s why a lot of these girls are going gay and it’s sad bcuz dudes like me who don’t cheat gotta pay for it too.

    rocabear 1 week ago
  • y guys b gettin jelus wen they girl is just talkin to anothr guy or b goin off on dem wen they cheat but then dey go round, cheat, and get caught but act like it aint no thang?????

    NumeroUnoShorty 1 week ago 2 
  • @NumeroUnoShorty Learn to speak proper English.

    Dis iz nt Nglsh. Dis mkz u lk rtrded.

    deviantinvader 1 week ago
  • @deviantinvader Im sorry i dont speak proper english like this beacuse i dont talk like this. I write how i talk xcept for english clas cuz il get a F.

    NumeroUnoShorty 1 week ago
  • HAHAHAHA YOU GOTTA CHECK THOSE earrings and bracelets man!

    flipinsweet 1 week ago
  • 709 girls didnt like this video

    Superathiest97 1 week ago
  • Ctfu….shit too funny!!!!! Niggas aint bright enough

    themsmika1988 1 week ago
  • women r like dogs dey can smell fear, so as u start actin slightly funny den dey kno wassup

    NoxDeadly 1 week ago

    keekeebrownie 1 week ago 2 
  • @keekeebrownie how will you know? What if he really does have a hobby, is hecka clean, and loves you?

    Now you know how to b more paranoid

    YAVETHable 1 week ago
  • @YAVETHable men are all the same end of discussion

    keekeebrownie 4 days ago
  • “Clean, cheat, clean, cheat.” – Damn bruh you gotta be like some CSI detective or some shit, Jokes, you’re funny man, keep it up!

    ajtml 1 week ago
  • noooo.

    Gangsta95758 1 week ago
  • LMAO “Where the otha fuk u bracelet at”??? LOL

    PSNIIGaMeRII 1 week ago 2 
  • he shouldve also said in this video “yall better delete your fucking history or else your girl gon see that you were watching this shit” (his voice)

    YoungWillForever 1 week ago
  • ha, thats cause he made a ” how to keep your man from cheating” video!!!

    suuwoo10 1 week ago
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    thom6314 1 week ago
  • lmfaoo! I feel bad for the girl he’d be cheating on though lmao!!

    iCHUYY 1 week ago
  • Annnnnnnnnnnnd SCENE! LMAOOOOO!

    polrexpress501 1 week ago
  • Did he die!!!! -____- =/ noooooooo

    terrero912 1 week ago
  • I love the epic music playing in the background…:)

    Meilongification 1 week ago 2 
  • you aint leavin till you find that other fuckin bracelet. Lmfao

    itzwolfy 1 week ago

    akaakir 1 week ago 2 

    akaakir 1 week ago

    janicebigbrother 1 week ago
  • I Hope his Next Girl Dont see this shit haha

    shyshycutiepieful 1 week ago 2 
  • Sounds like a lot of work lol


    Lady1972Diva 1 week ago
  • You u dead as right b.

    Geeno2006 1 week ago
  • is this for guys only?

    cause im a girl and this sounds soo much like me lol

    bobsodamndelicious 1 week ago
  • I luv the check list part… Perfect!!!! lmao

    Precyse-When I See You

    KaosmaticTV 1 week ago
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    KaosmaticTV 1 week ago
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    KaosmaticTV 1 week ago
  • Even though im a girl that shit had me dying

    SprtPlay689 1 week ago
  • i love your channel, best relationship advice ever 🙂

    JennaluvsPhil 1 week ago
  • lmao this guy is hot and he is sooo right!!

    pinkvelvet08 1 week ago
  • I’m a girl and sadly… i enjoyed that video.

    lilbrazilcutie 1 week ago 88 
  • @lilbrazilcutie honestly i swear i would be taking notes as a dude x_x


    GradiMpanu 6 days ago
  • WTF is Tags???????

    livercats 1 week ago
  • lmfao at the checklist~~!!!

    MrZKahadijah 1 week ago
  • lol, too real. this nigga should be a big time comedian and should be getting huge money stacks. give this man a fuckin check

    xstillfly 1 week ago
  • “Bitch came in with bracelet..No Two Bracelets…where the fuck the other bracelet at..No you had to two fuckin’ bracelets on….where the other fuckin’ bracelet..You aint leaving til you find that other bracelet”

    7318235 1 week ago
  • Youtube gangster.

    simonjrope 1 week ago
  • And Scene!!! LMAO! XD

    l33MAR 1 week ago
  • “just listen to whatever your dick says and you will be successful” the wiset words evah

    RealDanzu 1 week ago
  • hahaha wow the end is hilarious

    ravon013 1 week ago
  • he is too cute to have all this time on his hands to make these videos lol oooh yea he tlkn bout cheatn on a girl i think he men boy cuz i swear he is gay

    lovetye4eva 1 week ago
  • def relate to different hair color lmao

    seeno88 1 week ago
  • Comment removed
    seeno88 1 week ago
  • nice tips bro.

    benvindo05 1 week ago
  • preach it brother


    MrKlb1996 1 week ago
  • First Of All It’s Not The Girl’s Fault Nor The Guy’s, It’s Both Of The Parties Fault. -.-

    xLilxMariposax 1 week ago
  • Well I now I know how to tell if my man is cheatin!(:


    tamzilla95 1 week ago
  • 697 women hahah

    pimpc2665 1 week ago
  • U r killing!

    princessjmo31211 1 week ago
  • omg jerry ur hair..! 🙁

    MsSavaqelife 1 week ago
  • true shit

  • All the dislikes are women Jerry LaVigne Jr cheated on & found out thru this video.

    joeyboymoon11 1 week ago 2 
  • “Bitch you had two bracelets on , where that other bracelet at ? , you ain’t leaving til you find that bracelet ” LMAO

    MisszP 1 week ago
  • Where the OTHERFUCK your bracelet at?! hahahah

    MissDULCETmusic 1 week ago
  • DONT TALK! ” im gonna do this ! HAhhah


    mmichaelmmendoza 1 week ago
  • HE DIED???

    simone117 1 week ago
  • @simone117 no he didnt die lls

    LullDee 1 week ago
  • @LullDee LMAO..I KNO NOW.

    simone117 1 week ago
  • @simone117 oh (: Lmao .

    LullDee 1 week ago
  • 6:30 to 6:36 LMFAO

    ShatafakUp 1 week ago
  • Lmaoo…. soo funny :’)

    BabiiBashment 1 week ago
  • lmao you are so crazy lol its funny no harm no foul I am a woman and I still find it funny u made my day lol

    MrsPeterRoc 1 week ago 2 
  • What Guys Do, Women Can Do It Better Niggas !

    Desconosido35 1 week ago
  • U fuck up man its sad that u have to help men to cheat

    ChaNOBonnie 1 week ago
  • this shit is funny af. all you bitches taken this shit too serious it’s all jokes bitch take the dick out yah ass & chill out (8

    lashayedmond58 1 week ago 59 
  • lolllllll…… this dude got me rolling on the floor…

    rhadassab 1 week ago
  • lmao even i find this hilarious and im a girl .

    vaneeneqraa01 1 week ago
  • lol i like u! u keep me crackin up while tellin the truth!

    BTluvinTHEdreads 1 week ago
  • this nigga real as fuck. i got caught cheatin hella times by the hair!

    d1rdyd 1 week ago
  • the 690 women are girls


    zac72pc 1 week ago
  • I’m ROLLING!!! On the floor rolling!

    TalyalovesNick 1 week ago

    TheGreatChelsea1 1 week ago
  • His lips are JUICY . wheew .-_________-

    TheGreatChelsea1 1 week ago
  • oh my god you are hilarious man, you doin standup?

    AveCthonos 1 week ago
  • hahahaahha i like the evil music in the background hahaha

    KidChrisMusic 1 week ago
  • LOL

    Justbme323 1 week ago
  • women force us to cheat cause if we DONT then women think your weak

    Maustrum 1 week ago
  • @Maustrum umm, i think you need to find better women…just saying!

    TalyalovesNick 1 week ago
  • 689 people got caught cheating

    kofiadhodge 1 week ago 2 
  • did anyone read the tags ? LOL

    BreaJay 1 week ago
  • That sounds like a LOT of work. You could just be faithful. Less stress and less work.

    prutyladyd07 1 week ago
  • You would be A LOT hotter, if you didn’t talk that way.

    ichbineincoolcat 1 week ago
  • @ichbineincoolcat If you don’t like how he talks get the fuck off his videos bitch!

    FailFred 1 week ago
  • @FailFred Suck my clit BITCH.

    ichbineincoolcat 1 week ago
  • im guessing ur single…. smh

    bubblezmaire 1 week ago
  • he need to be on t.v have a talk show LOL

    lissa1992able 1 week ago
  • Look at the tags LOL xD

    TAK1STSAN 1 week ago 112 
  • #LOL

    DTSBURN 1 week ago
  • takin notes my nigga

    trumpetboy360 1 week ago
  • You gotta mindfuck your bitch.

  • He ain’t dead. haha funny

    gilo1223 1 week ago
  • ahhhhhhhhhh dont scratch me, what the fuck is wrong with you, SCRATCHING ME AND SHIT!

    dark1y 1 week ago 2 
  • ur an EXPERT !! hahaha thumbs up if u agree ♥

    swangirljoe999999 1 week ago 3 
  • i cheat gurls on games like sims online…lol

    SuperJAMMARS 1 week ago
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    xT33H33 1 week ago
  • END SCENE. Lmaoooo this guy could be a comedian, I swear

    bobeooo 1 week ago 2 
  • i should’ve watched this video

    killamaddog0 1 week ago
  • what did he die or what ??????

    titan371 1 week ago
  • @titan371 Nah, he didnt die. That’s just his username thing

    IBsnob 1 week ago
  • There were actually a lot of good points in this vid.

    southpark1425 1 week ago
  • Jerry, you’re a very interesting man. 🙂

    hiyo1092 1 week ago
  • Did he die?

    why dose it say R.I.P?

    HasanHasan1995 1 week ago
  • @HasanHasan1995 Obviouisly if he died he wouldnt be posting vids.

    chumbucket206 1 week ago
  • @chumbucket206 Truee

    HasanHasan1995 1 week ago
  • I love him… he speaks the truth.

    mzkittykat313 1 week ago
  • god damn he fine

    DaLewinsky1 1 week ago 2 
  • lol hahahahahhahahaa

    DaLewinsky1 1 week ago
  • 681 guys got caught

    dittellforthewin 1 week ago
  • Lol you cant win a conversation with a woman……you a mess

    domoesbeautiful 1 week ago
  • dang, maybe women would be better of turning lesbian, i swear O.o men are horrible sometimes.

    roganoganog 1 week ago
  • Lmfao!! He knows what’s up..

    Schmeeer 1 week ago
  • 678 people are girls that were getting cheated on for years and didnt notice til they got called the wrong name lmfao

    antsdopee 1 week ago
  • FUCK cheating,, no one cheats with me!! have them wrapped round my lil finger


    Persianbabah 1 week ago
  • Hopefully the man I’m gonna marry in the future is NOT watching this video Lmfaoo !

    sk8rgrl112 1 week ago
  • Damn, cheating correctly is a full-time job. I ain’t got time for that lol

    DiBBStv 1 week ago
  • the way he said ‘foreva’ @ 2:082:09..LOL! I love this guy.

    Pinkshawtii789 1 week ago

    ethioprinceee 1 week ago
  • i love this part:

    Girl: your cheating on me!? answer my question! answer my quesion!

    guy: NO….you…cheatn on me!

    lol if i were in that position i wouldnt know what to do lol. you right !


    hottamalee13 1 week ago
  • You talk just like Phil Defranco! Except the black version<3

    ClarifyKat 1 week ago
  • LMAO

    MrBirthdayCA 1 week ago
  • Bitch yu came here wit 2 bracelets yo ass anit leavin to yu find it lmfao.!

    Charged78 1 week ago
  • Does anyone else think he looks like “Chamillionaire” ? lol

    SoftTaco4 1 week ago
  • @SoftTaco4 Ice T. lol

    massiahmassiah7 1 week ago
  • that’s right you can’t win a convo with a female especially when she knows you’re lying! haha

    littlecrowneyes14 1 week ago
  • Smh, you look like Ice Tea

    xoJadaNatalie 1 week ago
  • @xoJadaNatalie lol

    massiahmassiah7 1 week ago
  • look at the tags

    Brice751 1 week ago
  • LOLOLOLOLOL, you must know all the rules in the book x)

    aaangelll12 1 week ago
  • You look EXACTLY like ICE-T, They should cast you as him if they ever do a movie on that era of rap. Yup… ICE T… That’s you.

    ScienceProjek 2 weeks ago
  • You can tell he’s cheated on his girls D;

    marlenaxiong2010 2 weeks ago
  • orrrrrhorrrrrrrrr

    Bushman66171 2 weeks ago
  • just listen to whatever your dick says and you will be successful. scene

    kshizzlewhat 2 weeks ago
  • cheating is an art.

    killamaddog0 2 weeks ago

    ccondeck101 2 weeks ago
  • “Im not like most men. Im different, Im not like that…..”

    …..AND scene. LOL

    tank4ever 2 weeks ago
  • we dont want to hear your mouth when we not cheatin lol

    Daymonr254 2 weeks ago in playlist FUNNY
  • And Scene!

    trenttk1 2 weeks ago
  • This has been flagged as spam   show
    mujjuman 2 weeks ago
  • but if you wanna fucks widd othaa girls wattz the point of being in a relationship


    SGTSWIPA 2 weeks ago 61 
  • Lol, women taking all of this seriously. Also, why are you looking this up on Youtube if you don’t like it? Lol. Your comment should be disliked, not this video. This is all comment, even though this guy raises very valid points. Don’t Insult him, this man works very hard on his videos. << He’s a freaking genius to be able to think all of this up and present it to us in a fashion we can understand! Good work Jerry!

    ShadowPoi 2 weeks ago
  • @ShadowPoi LOL POI.

    peypoo359 1 week ago
  • smh, i deadd had a nigga run that checklist w. me too -_-

    avaROSEA 2 weeks ago
  • Waab.!

    Charged78 2 weeks ago
  • why is it saying he’s DEAD?!?!

    knug08 2 weeks ago
  • @knug08 its a gimmick..thts y it say – present

    tbankz413 2 weeks ago

    mieka20 2 weeks ago
  • dead ass, ths video got me thinking…

    insecurity taking over.

    omgitsvictoriaxD 2 weeks ago
  • To all of you that don’t get it… a man that doesn’t do this stuff already is not going to bother. This is how a woman identifies a cheater. WATCH IT TILL THE END, STUPID.

    747t 2 weeks ago
  • this video should be called “how you know your man cheatin” instead

  • damn your the reason why i don’t think much about black people.

    emeyess 2 weeks ago 3 
  • @emeyess You obviously don’t get it. Gtfo

    747t 2 weeks ago
  • @emeyess

    musbyjameson 2 weeks ago
  • Why are u still alive?

    musbyjameson 2 weeks ago
  • @musbyjameson another reason why.

    emeyess 2 weeks ago
  • @emeyess lol word

    amkd215 2 weeks ago
  • Tags:

    just listen to whatever your dick says and you will be successful ——LOL!

    ememquinio 2 weeks ago
  • hahah 666dislikes

    vino60121 2 weeks ago
  • LOL this is funnnnnnny af if you think this is funny af check me out and you will looovvvvve my sarcasm !

    RealTVMusic 2 weeks ago
  • Lmao what’s the point if you have to do all of this lmaoo

    LeqalizeLaRose 2 weeks ago
  • I’m not cheating on you I’m only with you ….and scene. Lol to funny

    mspattie100 2 weeks ago 3 
  • lmaoooo!

    Jovieanneokonma 2 weeks ago
  • shit.. it’s sad how this has almost half a million views..

    ayereecuh 2 weeks ago
  • @ayereecuh Why is it sad? That’s his average for any video, dum dum.

    747t 2 weeks ago
  • KARMA is all i have to say LOL


    yahhmann123 2 weeks ago
  • yo jerry you been keeeping me in the clear since apri 24th yoo. good shit


    pinktigger 2 weeks ago
  • the cryinq was funny af lmfaoo he so right aint even lying hahha

    2014BUBBLEZ 2 weeks ago
  • nu-uh bitch you had two bracelets where the other one at ?? you ain’t leavin till you find the other one !


    StarShaye21 2 weeks ago 81 
  • “Let you know we still got it” ((bodii roll)) He is to funny:D

    anikamccray 2 weeks ago
  • The cheater’s check list ! LOL

    chloebalderas 2 weeks ago 2 
  • Smh The Shit You Niggas Say.

    BossLadyySweetz 2 weeks ago
  • LMFAO I didn’t know cheating was a job xDD

    xsinfulexistence 2 weeks ago
  • this is basically a part time job dudes aint getting paid for

    bmoreluvable 2 weeks ago
  • @bmoreluvable Its called voluntary work lol

    lewinmc 2 weeks ago
  • Hope ur girl don’t watch ur YouTube vids

    airmax600 2 weeks ago
  • if he’s gonna cheat he’s gonna cheat

    just like if she’s gonna cheat she’s gonna cheat


    if u feel like ure being cheated on its as simple as BUH-BYE

    if kids are involved that’s what the court system is for

    love isn’t the issue because he/she obviously doesn’t love u

    just play some mary j blige/nwa lol whatever floats ur boat && hang out with ur girls/guys


    naveahsmoments 2 weeks ago
  • hahaha! i love this!

    naveahsmoments 2 weeks ago
  • You aint leavin till you find yo other fuckn bracelet!! Lol

    Pjmunyexx 2 weeks ago
  • Bow Wows Daddy

    whathappenedtothe80s 2 weeks ago
  • Like lovelyjubbly79 .. U probably got cheated on but even Doe it’s a video and shut the fuck up and suck a dick .. If u didn’t like the video y watch it

    swaqqaboi93 2 weeks ago
  • The ladies that don’t like this video . Ya need to shut the fuck up … Ya sound like a retard, plus ya probably ugly that’s the only way ya were cheated on

    swaqqaboi93 2 weeks ago
  • ama whip his fckin ass mehn fckin up my relationship mehn… LMAOO!!!

    yomamasman995 2 weeks ago
  • also he wont have a woman with this XD

    mikayla7000 2 weeks ago
  • this is so crazy wow really this guy is a dick

    mikayla7000 2 weeks ago
  • this was funny as fuck “flip tables over” LOL!

    tortsauce 2 weeks ago
  • your not right in the head….i’d advice you to go see someone, get help dude, play with her mind, ur crazy boy! If you were my man & you cheated on me, I’d make your life hell…how the hell can you blame women, we never sent you out to cheat, you did that off your own back because your lying cheating rat, if you cant be true to your woman then your not true to yourself….WEIRDO, like i said before “GET OFF YOUTUBE!! Hope u catch an awful sexually transmitted disease…men like u are cretins!!

    lovelyjubbly79 2 weeks ago
  • Dont date a girl if your a cheater…if its so painful for yourself to hear the bullshit from your girl, then dont f*cking cheat on her, if your not happy finish with her instead of leading her into a sense of insecurity….your a complete ASS!!! Get off YOUTUBE….If i was ever to come across you, i’d slap you upside your head….sick mofo!!!!


    lovelyjubbly79 2 weeks ago 3 
  • @lovelyjubbly79 Lovelyjubbly is a funny ass name.

    marqtheone 1 week ago
  • preach

    smashsmash24 2 weeks ago
  • 658 girls got cheated on.

    Mnsk2vc 2 weeks ago
  • smh….u r so true… am living it so i know

    avalonsalina21 2 weeks ago
  • Yes!!

    Cable12 2 weeks ago
  • why cheat? if your not happy, jus leave .

    ohsnapitzlele1 2 weeks ago
  • @ohsnapitzlele1 2 pussies beats 1 lol

    AlexK0walski 2 weeks ago
  • ewww why he cut his hair?


    b4biigurl13 2 weeks ago
  • @b4biigurl13 shallow girl.

    crappyspacecabbage01 2 weeks ago

    altenordave 2 weeks ago
  • @MusicLoverForever1

    R u 1 of them? if so then Suck it!

    josechadel 2 weeks ago
  • Hahaha And Scene !

    everytime he say that it rmind me of dave chapelle for some reason

    smiley1028666 2 weeks ago
  • I almost got caught cause of scratches, blamed it on the cat

    I almost got caught cause of hair on me in a different color, blamed it on my sister

    I almost got caught cause of possessions left behind, said I bought it for her

    Ended up calling her the other girls name, hahaha

    newtexan48 2 weeks ago 33 
  • damn…. youre really sexy

    TheWarehouse100 2 weeks ago
  • LMFAO Say your building airplanes

    lamasamada21f 2 weeks ago
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    JCDOSAGE 2 weeks ago
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    justjoshinya10 2 weeks ago
  • And scene lol .

    shawty460 2 weeks ago
  • He looks like J. Cole lmao

    DaNi3l42 2 weeks ago
  • lOls @ 0:18– 0:22

    jUiCyRikAN 3 weeks ago
  • lmaoo


    itsmiikaa 3 weeks ago

    cruffyboy23 3 weeks ago
  • looks like T.I. and Bow Wow had a baby…

    dannybans23 3 weeks ago
  • thats a little too much of a process…im too lazy im jus gonna stay faithful lol

    evanmx3000 3 weeks ago
  • @evanmx3000 aha im too lazy to stay faithful

    dannybans23 3 weeks ago
  • LOL 🙂

    baybaythree 3 weeks ago
  • Lol J.Cole’s son is funny as hell son

    sephyiroth 3 weeks ago
  • hahahahahah im chick , but this shit is way to funny! i love it

    darllelys23 3 weeks ago
  • time to try this shit out>>

    kbnastyman 3 weeks ago
  • He right we do CHOOSE. So choose wisely ladies.

    2triel85 3 weeks ago
  • bahaha purple lipped lookin ass…the end was some real shit thoass

    Gucciboo699 3 weeks ago
  • Lmfao oooo shit this got me rollin

    only1felicia 3 weeks ago
  • just be queit and let them talk to you LOL!!!!

    SimplyiBadd 3 weeks ago
  • Did you kiss Barney before you made this video

    Baller527 3 weeks ago
  • U sound gay

    Wowwowwabzy 3 weeks ago
  • and scene !

    TataLiciousFame 3 weeks ago
  • im not cheatin on u…im only with u. **slow blink** AND SCENE!! LOL

    biggvonte251 3 weeks ago 2 
  • let them know we still got it!!! lol

    biggvonte251 3 weeks ago
  • he look like bow wow, drake, yung berg mixed 2gether

    lilross5150 3 weeks ago
  • Miguel Must Have Saw This Before He Made Quickie

  • ”O ,Jerry You Fucking Up Familys ! ” Lol



    Ryang1223 3 weeks ago
  • hahahahahahahahahahahaha youre hilarious!

    Sirene04 3 weeks ago
  • And scene!


    LivyGrl09 3 weeks ago
  • CaNt change a man’


    sarahsalmay 3 weeks ago
  • I’m gonna laugh my fucking ass off if this guy has a girlfriend

    MrLucasReynard 3 weeks ago
  • man you make this FUNNY AS FUCK

    sebybling 3 weeks ago
  • This Nigga Is Toooo Funny , I Adore him 🙂

    Gigi77689 3 weeks ago
  • lmao clean cheat clean cheat…..this dude is a fool

    papajg197 3 weeks ago
  • This Shitt is Wack AF

    FollowJFliP 3 weeks ago
  • Why not dump the girl?

    Shadows0fWar 3 weeks ago 37 
  • @Shadows0fWar cuz we like to know we still GOTTT it.

    bigman32193 3 weeks ago
  • @Shadows0fWar this 4 people that like to cheat some people just like cheat in

    LIL31000 2 weeks ago
  • @Shadows0fWar To let her know we still got it!!

    MegaDominicano1 2 weeks ago
  • how come it says r.i.p is he dead ?

    GrimeyTempz 3 weeks ago
  • @GrimeyTempz Nooo if u see the other videoo he explains he puts R.i.P .


    kixxesbae 3 weeks ago
  • @GrimeyTempz because he thinks that people don’t become famous until after their dead so if you think he’s dead then he’ll get famous.

    beautykween07 3 weeks ago
  • @GrimeyTempz cuz he killed dat shit

    swagkidd35 3 weeks ago 2 
  • @swagkidd35 oh lool

    GrimeyTempz 3 weeks ago
  • If you pause at 0:06 he look like bow wow

    Carisabs 3 weeks ago
  • @Carisabs

    Yeah he does. He looks like Bow wow ft J.Cole ft My boyfriend 😀

    Nonkazimlo 3 weeks ago
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    terfbaby012 3 weeks ago
  • Lol His tags are the best!!!


    terfbaby012 3 weeks ago
  • fuck you!! this shit got my girlfriend paranoid now!!!

    nadly21 3 weeks ago 30 
  • lmao u stupid lol i like when you blinked

    Aubreykianna 3 weeks ago
  • lmao u stupid

    Aubreykianna 3 weeks ago
  • At the end he made a few points lol , this igga hilarious though !

    LiiLMaMaBadd2010 3 weeks ago 2 
  • LMMFAO!!!! Omg! too funny! BUT…these “techniques” dont work on us real ones! Sometimes the lies do tho….to a point! TO A POINT! LOL! Funny shit tho…

    shanabena1665 3 weeks ago 4 
  • “I just wanna quickie. No bite marks, no scratches, and no hickies”

    AlexisCWoo 3 weeks ago 5 
  • Uh, take your jacke-TT!

    fitnfun200338106 3 weeks ago
  • Comment removed
    MMWandLJB 3 weeks ago
  • Glad not all men think alike…at some point in their lives o.o

    xXxxLilKitKatxxXx 3 weeks ago
  • Every guy with a hobby has just been screwed over -.-

    StayFrostyy89 3 weeks ago
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    charles2621 3 weeks ago
  • CHEATING IS A MOTHER F’ING JOB WITH ALL THEM details………..hahahahahaha­hahahaha……………….Ni*­*as better start getting paid to cheat yes……..rofl….


    Cookielkedat 3 weeks ago
  • One time my side chick left lip gloss and a note book in my dam car!!!! i almost got away with it!!!

    A1theAPEX 3 weeks ago

    123anysia 3 weeks ago
  • You can’t change a man. You can change his diapers when he’s a baby, but you can’t change a man. You gotta love his honesty!

    NJPryncez 3 weeks ago
  • you are incredible!!! 🙂

    JasmineRhey 3 weeks ago
  • and scene

    Simplyconfidentaliii 3 weeks ago 33 
  • fuuny!!!


    AfroQueen79 3 weeks ago
  • clean, cheat, clean, cheat…hahahahaha!! #2funny

    MzPunky81 3 weeks ago
  • You said don’t talk too much but you’re talking too much.

    EthioGQ 3 weeks ago
  • wow dude you are retarded and funny

    MsRecessionPROOF 3 weeks ago
  • whats the point of cheating if its so difficult?

    lalabird2013 3 weeks ago 3 
  • @lalabird2013 Like he said at the beginning of the video. ;D Men like to know we still got it.

    ShadowPoi 2 weeks ago
  • This nikka speakin the truth

    MoreThanARapper 3 weeks ago
  • You got them bowwow lips

  • j cole + bow wow foreal doe

    BxtchWittaAttitude 3 weeks ago 3 
  • you are a cute jack ass

    AtlSexi 3 weeks ago
  • “whoa whoa whoa ..were you just suckin on my neck” LMAO!!

    makela1647 3 weeks ago
  • oh my god fah him to b so sexy he is a ASSHOLE!!!


    ChocolateBoneChiik 3 weeks ago
  • Lol One Thing I Cant Do Is Cheat On Girls….Its Just Not Me

    xXGhettoBlasterXx 3 weeks ago 3 
  • you know alot

    idid0urmama 3 weeks ago
  • I shouldn’t be…..but I am WEAK!!!!

    NikLovin757 3 weeks ago
  • LMAOOOOOOO “dont fucking scratch me”

    darioleonardojones 3 weeks ago
  • you can tell he good ass lier…. i taught him well


    kturnerize 3 weeks ago

    kturnerize 3 weeks ago
  • god he is fine!! umm but yeaa i took a note on all that!! lol

  • 647 people got caught cheatin.

    TurnnItUpp 3 weeks ago
  • just listen to whatever your dick says and you will be successful… best tag ever lol

    trinikiki17 3 weeks ago


    420spacebound 3 weeks ago
  • this is the perfect vid. for females to watch….we shouldnt get mad at this vid. this shit 100.

    jasmkick 3 weeks ago
  • .. i wonder if you have a girlfriend lmfao

    xshaylamarieee 3 weeks ago
  • Damn, this is art!

    HIMYMjocke 3 weeks ago
  • “Let chu know we steal got it!” Haha.

    mzsexywierdo101 3 weeks ago
  • “you cant have your body not be clean” lmao hilarious

    nica305boy1 3 weeks ago
  • same hair category cant be adventurous lmmfao

    nica305boy1 3 weeks ago
  • LOL!!

    dragonballandrew 3 weeks ago
  • his girl voice is hilarious


    hhrr12345 3 weeks ago
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    Resolvehk14 3 weeks ago 2 
  • winning

    heychrisdumais 3 weeks ago
  • I cant wait for the women who comes with more game then him… or may she already has…lol

    PenelopeChlo3 3 weeks ago
  • ur smart u are right but whoever rlly do this ur just a heartless bastard

    cupcake20817 4 weeks ago 2 
  • Love The backround music lol, adds so much emotion

    Suckabotoful1 4 weeks ago
  • @Suckabotoful1 i know right !

    dannybans23 3 weeks ago
  • and SCENE!

    daLyricsGuy012 4 weeks ago
  • “Oh no i cant hang wit u tonight cuz i gotta do my stamps.” LMFAAOOOOO DEAADD

    atlzfynest03 4 weeks ago 49 
  • The end is soo true!

    xxgcmaniacxx 4 weeks ago 3 
  • LMAO

    ricypoo 4 weeks ago
  • im taking notes like a motherfucker

    jayden968 4 weeks ago 7 
  • U made my day honestly. Gonna watch all ur vids.

    HurtsTheTruth 4 weeks ago 3 
  • Comment removed
    HurtsTheTruth 4 weeks ago
  • 646 girls got cheated on after their boyfriends watched this video . Lol

    gino8027 4 weeks ago
  • aaaaaaaaaaaand scene. lol

    DeshadCato 4 weeks ago
  • Im so glad sum1 with sum real game has decided to teach the world!!! Lovin all Ur shit!!! <3

    480cmh380 4 weeks ago
  • nah… i cant hang out wit you. i gotta do my stamps. LOL!


    LaDyAXE1204 4 weeks ago 5 
  • lmao wow


    Materialistic26 4 weeks ago
  • i gotta go do my stamps.. lmao!!!

    sYdnEyL212 4 weeks ago
  • Lol this is so fuked up

    MzEnterAndiWurk 4 weeks ago
  • TO Let em know we still got it- LMAO

    MrJLunn09 4 weeks ago
  • Then, when she caught you, You find yourself at Maury’s show…lol

    cherrythung 4 weeks ago
  • u silly lol

    r0ckst3ady 4 weeks ago
  • You from New Orleans huh ? 🙂

    mzxxtipsy09 4 weeks ago
  • but what happens if the girl dyes her hair how u gana play it off then tell yah girl to dye her hair lmao

    GreqTv 4 weeks ago
  • jajajajajaja you are so right lol!!!

    mari5496 4 weeks ago
  • My favorite !!!

    bluecuttie07 4 weeks ago
  • Ohhh your fucking up families

    MrKiddAwesome 4 weeks ago 2 
  • favorited because of 7:20– 7:30

    EXPLOSION518 4 weeks ago
  • Comment removed
    xobriannaxo21 4 weeks ago
  • 643 girls found out there boyfriends were cheating because of this

    joey5395 4 weeks ago
  • Niggas vs Black People new vid on my page yall go watch it like it and subscribe…or ima leave make up on yo shirt!! lol


    BrandonNationTV 4 weeks ago
  • the 642 people who disliked thiss are either girls who been cheated on or men who got caught lol

    skataa13 4 weeks ago 2 
  • @skataa13 really though lol


    xobriannaxo21 4 weeks ago
  • @xobriannaxo21 lol Yess i mean think about it really G’z

    skataa13 4 weeks ago
  • this nigga crazy as hell LMAO

    makela1647 4 weeks ago
  • lmaooo

    ednasty08 4 weeks ago
  • he keepin it one hundred real talk im a girl but i see this really happenin

    littlepuertorico 4 weeks ago
  • This guy is such a douche bag. And a piece of shit. His mom must be real dissappointed at his faggot ass. It’s called respect. You need to respect women. Jerry if you happen to read this, the only reason you get pussy is because the girl has low standards

    Hisbbygrl1991 4 weeks ago 3 
  • You Aint Leavin Til You Find That Other Fuckin Braclet !

    Lmfao` Oh Man !


    DashivaaRemyyy 4 weeks ago
  • 7:38 – 7:45 .. True Shit

    TheRockstar1013 4 weeks ago
  • I got Ear blood oozin out my body lmao

    debbie12678 4 weeks ago 2 
  • And Seen ! lmao

    Tempia08 4 weeks ago
  • 5:406:40… someone is actually sitting home doing exactly that

    coolblast19 1 month ago

    avelez1770 1 month ago
  • Where the other fuck your bracelet at!?!


    fuel4luv28 1 month ago 77 
  • Comment removed
    imerk2009 4 weeks ago
  • ladies if you were smart you would use this as an advantage. now that you know what the deal is you should know that is NOT your hair and he aint got no hobby building planes and collecting stamps -_- . thanks for the heads up jerry ; )

    xxbeautiiful 1 month ago 4 
  • #Fact

    ebowe96 1 month ago
  • this nigga a genius…

    BoBByDraK3 1 month ago
  • Oh My Gosh . The Tags ! Lol

    BitchImYoLEADER 1 month ago 2 
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