High Heelz Workout Latina Big Butt Chick









This is great. Watch as this personal trainer guy has this big booty spanish chick do squats in high heels. From what I understand this dude is a great personal trainer that gets results for these chunky chicks. I like what he is doing here with this big butt chick. Enjoy.

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  • just seen the after video this man is a genius all you people hating need to get off the gas. if the clubs i bounce at would show the dancers these videos the scene would look alot better. this man deserves praise for pushing his wife like this. there are milions of women out there that would love to see these results and cant achieve it because they dont have somone pushing them like that.

    tgeezy3216 4 weeks ago
  • @tgeezy3216 good looks on that fam…i belive you! lol, but thats not my wife..lol check my main page…CRAZY..

    darness1234 4 weeks ago
  • shit if i was sittin next to you while u was sayin dont squeeze u woulda heard loud as shit “look at dem ripleys believe it or not look like she got beat in da thighs n ass witta bag of nickles for a yr lmfaooo” fucks scared of anyone …fuck outta hereeeee hahahaa

    Griff19125 1 month ago
  • @Griff19125 Beyter check her up to date video, lame fuck this was two years ago, like I said check her after video, she would fcuk you up, and yes she didn’t look to good in this vid, but that the beauty of a loser, she’s in much better shape, check it..

    darness1234 1 month ago
  • You darness… why you so ” cruel ” against people. You should chill the fuck out for real. Love your vids, but when I started reading the replies you post to people I got fucking disappointed… chill the fuck out man

    1Beat4Me 3 months ago
  • Respond to this video…It’s like kicking a sleeping dog…why do you you think if I’ma trainer that I’m not a person? You feel I should react a certin way? And I expect the same…you will never hear me just in site some bullshit?…and I Hear it all day on here try to be easy with it…but no…all day..incan send ou vids right now were I’m being called NIGGER..for four years..same bull

    darness1234 3 months ago

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  • @nenzi671 Your white i know by your oh so negative comment…now if you look at the vids attached to this one…you wuill see that shes 50 pound lighter now, and if you go to my playlist? “shes” you will see her lifting a 50 pound med ball over 100 times. and i bet shes in better shape than you “Jhon Wanye”

    darness1234 1 year ago 23
  • @1Beat4Me Then you haven’t read the comments…that bring out my comments…don’t get it twisted…if any of these dudes say what theybsay to my face it would be the same..read what’s being said before you juge me…killing the kids..fucking my wife in front of me haning me from a tree…andi have a video…not going to post it yet..but. Have been called NIGGER and monkey over 5000 xs on my page and vids…and have the proof,…turn the other cheek? I think not…I

    darness1234 3 months ago 6
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  • @darness1234

    Why does your wife work out in high heels?High heels are not healthy,and a flat pair of shoes is great for working out…it is making her workout much more difficult! Must have been a torture working out in high heels…poor wifey:)

    wannaknowit 1 week ago
  • @darness1234 yo bruh these crackas is sick on youtube lmao.

    paulandj 1 week ago
  • @darness1234 if thats the case u need to get with a production company. this method of personal training should land you millions mayne. imagine the workout videos are you kidding. a way for girls to get in the shape they want in the comfort of they own home with proven results. keep doin what u doin playboy and all you excuse having, overweight women take notes. all it takes is dedication and a lil motivation.

    tgeezy3216 4 weeks ago
  • @darness1234 As a black man I understand how you feel…it seems like ignorant bitches love to post their meaningless comments on the internet so they can feel important. I know you holdin it down for ur wifey by gettin at these haters, but it only serves to give those bitches the nut they crave. They like it when you bug out on em, cuz its the only nut that these shrimp-dicked, punk assed fools can get off. bk if they could get chicas, they wouldn’t waste time typin away. stay up mang

    TurquoiseJeep11 1 month ago
  • This is my first time ever seeing a woman workout in heels!

  • Nice!!! 😉

    BklynJayL 1 month ago

    canival317isback 1 month ago
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