High Heels Big Booty Work Out











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  • right ok i just did like 30 in my heels, my heels r hella high though like 6 inches, am proud of meself!! haha… can i just ask ya why its better for the ladies to do it in heels ??

    xTeaCupzx 1 month ago
  • @xTeaCupzx Because it goes strait to you hamstrings…your ass and calves…that’s just the ones I’m going to mention…

    darness1234 1 month ago
  • @darness1234 Oh My Dayz! i was in pain for like 3 days im telliin ya my muscles were aching like mad!.. All girls should know about this

    xTeaCupzx 1 month ago
  • @xTeaCupzx Lol…you should come to train with me…it won’t hurt’s much, lol, my massages are off the hook, TRUE STORY

    darness1234 1 month ago
  • those aren’t proper squats, she’d see better results with the knees not going past her toes…

    mosdefali 3 months ago
  • @mosdefali Trust me I tell her all the time…she’s only 4,10….it’s weird, you would have tonsee for your self…I think it has to do with her range of motion

    darness1234 3 months ago

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  • this gave me wood lol sorry

    infamous1985 1 year ago 15
  • damn she certainly improved since the last video.

    burd1234 1 year ago 7
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  • for real, this trainer is doin a good job.. but he’s too soft on this gorilla.. 70 squats aren’t gonna be enough. You need to keep a hood rat working until it collapses from exhaustion.. that’s the only way you can keep their butt muscles tight. Other wise it’ll get lazy and start getting sloppy again… anyways, props to this trainer for getting it on the right path, it looks good from the back. peace

  • damn its hard to focus on the wrkout lol

    imserious2187 1 month ago
  • @darness1234 you could hurt me all u want aslong as i get that massage LOL 😉

    xTeaCupzx 1 month ago
  • que culo tan parado pero mas parado esta mi pene qe qiere estar en tu ano …..


    djmeazp 1 month ago
  • man she improved alot since the last video! nice ya wifey do this 4 ya 🙂

    HOTBOIIRFO 2 months ago
  • Damn she’s madd sexy, im feelin that big booty homie, yo darness1234 you hittin that homie? no disrespect

    boombapswag92 2 months ago
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