Keyshia Dior, Jamaican Beauty

Keyshia Dior is an entreprenuer that retails custom super bright lipstick. She is of Jamaican decent. Keyshia Dior actually did her thing in modeling before becoming a business woman. Enjoy this gallery.

Amber Rose Confirms Kanye West Was An Asshole

They been broken up so long and they are still talking about each other. That tells me that they are still feeling each other to a degree. Any way check out what Amber Rose had to say about Kanye West.

One thing you guys got to understand is that women think just like men. They will love you and leave you. So when you are comfortable in your relationship just alway remember that woman will get up and leave you any time and not give a dam about it.

Raven-Symoné – The Wendy Williams Show – 5/13/2011

Raven Symone is a sexy girl. I like looking at this chick. I dont know why she is wearing that loose fitting awful dress, hiding that nice body. That just goes to she you even the celeb chicks are self concious and probably full of hang ups. Check out the interview to see how awful her attitude towards guys is.