Why Black Women Are Not Married

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Tariq Nasheed did an excellent job breaking down the reasons that black women have the lowest marriage statistics in the world. To sum it up their rationale is ass backwards, they get pregnant by the bums and pass up or diss the guys that can help them. Black women are the only women in the world that do this and wonder what happened.

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Atlanta Women are Some of the Worst Women Ever

I been trying to tell guys for years that women in Atlanta are not shit. Coming from New York people say that country chicks are so good. People say that Atlanta women are successful, kind and loyal. People talk about that country cooking.

When you get down here all you find is a bunch of stuck up closest whores and fat ugly women that consider themselves thick or curvy.

Atlanta is not what its cooked up to be. You can in fact come here and have sex with a few whores but it will be short lived because these bitches don’t have a clue about how to interact with a man.


5 Things to Never Talk to Women About

http://www.datingwomensex.com/dating/1-dating-advice/35-5-things-to-never-tal… – There are 5 things to never talk to women about. If you do have conversations with women with these 5 subjects you are sure to mess up your chances with them.

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6 Steps to Turning Your Friend into a Lover

http://www.datingwomensex.com/dating/1-dating-advice/33 -6-steps-to-turning-your-friend-into-a-lover
It is not hard for you to turn your friend into a lover.  Women have emotional buttons that need to be pushed and  if you push her emotional buttons the right way she will  be your lover.
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