5 Things to Never Talk to Women About

http://www.datingwomensex.com/dating/1-dating-advice/35-5-things-to-never-tal… – There are 5 things to never talk to women about. If you do have conversations with women with these 5 subjects you are sure to mess up your chances with them.

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5 Tips On Approaching A Woman In The Daytime

It is really easy to approach women in the daytime with my 5 easy tips.

  1. Use the 3 second rule.
  2. Use good posture and eye contact.
  3. Set a time constraint.
  4. Have a short conversation.
  5. Ask for her phone number.


‪How Not To Pick Up Women at the Bar‬‏ – YouTube

Dominic interviews a bunch of chics at a bar on how not to pick up women at bars. These type of videos are always funny because women always tell you they want some kind of nice guy to approach them. You can watch these types of videos where women tell you how to approach them strictly for entertainment because they never respond to these nice guys. Women tell you what society tells them that they should want in a guy. The reality is that they do not go home with the nice guy.

Approach Women Instantly – The 3 Second Rule

Approach Women Instantly – The 3 Second Rule

ploaded by datingwomensex on Mar 17, 2011

http://guygetsgirl.datingwomensex.com/ In order to be successful with women you have to approach women instantly when you see one that you like. You basically have 3 second to approach the girl in order to get a girl to give you here number or go out with you. The reason that you have to approach a beautiful woman within 3 seconds is because if you wait longer than that you will start to psych yourself out. http://datingwomensex.com/dating/1-dating-advice/4-approach-women-instantly-t… http://www.fastseduction.com/guide/01_The_Basic_Rules/3seconds.shtml





Seduction Advice, Gangsta Pick-up Artist: Negging

This is a funny video about seduction advice. Its a spoof but this dude hits everything on the money. Follow what he is saying about seduction advice negging and you will be picking up women right away.