Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore’s Breakup

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I don’t know about this. Ashton Kutcher was never supposed to be with Demi Moore. Ashton is a young guy in Hollywood that is making a lot of money. Why would he be with a MILF or Cougar? Ashton Kutcher can get any woman he wants. Why would he settle for something Bruce Willis had a few years back. Why would an eligible guy settle down with an older woman with kids? Demi Moore is probably really good in bed and knows how to take care of a man if Ashton stuck around that long but come on, she is still an older woman with kids. Who would be supprised that Ashton was cheating, come on. Anyway Ashton now has time to pick out a new girl and Demi will get a new guy because she probably takes care of them really good in the bedroom.

ashton and demi

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